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We treat many forms of skin diseases and provide a skin survey to look for skin cancer.

We can biopsy suspicious lesions, remove skin tags, freeze actinic keratoses, and treat squamouscell carcinomas, basal cell carcinomas and some melanomas. Using our radiosurgery (Surgitron) scalpel we can remove most lesions without scarring or minimal scarring.

We can treat all types of Acne using oral and topical antibiotics, retinoids, hormonal treatments, and if needed Accutane. Accutane is reserved only for scarring acne or for severe forms of acne that are recalcitrant to other therapies.

Cosmetic procedures are also available. We provide Botox injections and dermal fillers (Restylane) for wrinkles of the face. We also provide Sclerotherapy for the treatment of varicose veins, spider veins and telangectasias. Most cosmetic procedures are provided on a "out of pocket" basis, though some insurances cover the treatment of painful varicose veins.

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