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Obesity is the "American Disease". By the time a patient seeks medical care for weight loss they have tried many diets and lost and regained many pounds.

We empathize with your struggle and offer several options. Medication treatments with prescriptions medication like Phentermine is used in conjunction WITH diet and exercise for maximal weight loss. Our new diet is better than HCG!

We offer a physician supervised diet that has shown very good results for weight loss but is a very "intentional" diet and should not be tried lightly. The diet is covered by some insurances, please refer to your insurance for coverage. For patient's whose insurance does not cover diet counselling, the protocol is offered for self-pay @ $200 for the initial visit and a 2-week follow-up visit. This includes a body composition study, EKG and Phentermine (if medically indicated), subsequent visits are $100

Dr. Smythe is Yuma's ONLY board-certified bariatrician!

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